Young and talented choreographers have created the municipal Dance Group “Kazan” for talented young artists. The group was organized in 1997. For a short but very bright period of time the unique repertoire and the creative program was developed.

By the creators’ intentions, not just dancing is the purpose of existing of the choreographic troupe, but also the mission, which aims to tell the audience about the interesting phenomena of Tatar folk life, customs and traditions; and also to express the wealth of people’s spiritual life, as well as own feelings on intensive and varied time, bringing up the various types of art as: dancing, music, vocal, theatre, fashion and poetry together.

Group’s basis is the high-qualified troupe of ballet – graduates of choreographic colleges and Culture Institutes. Nowadays the troupe consists of 32 ballet artists and 12 artists of orchestra.

This is the only ballet troupe in Povolgie Region* which works in three directions at once; they are: folk, step and modern style. And all the directions co-exist successfully between each other.

Giddy rhythms and multicolored material of world people’s dancing, in which the folk dance traditions organically interlace with the modern choreographic technique, are depended on the artists. Inspired and lyric, hurricane of emotion splash Russian, Spanish, Irish and Gipsy dances are always an adornment of concert programs and festive urban shows. But what is really important for the group, it is the ability to reproduce the power and originality of the amazing national culture that appeared on the bank of the Volga river more than 1000 years ago, and to do it brilliantly.

The ‘pearl’ of the group’s repertoire is a new scenic form of performance – “choreographic miniature”, composed of a chain of dancing suites united by one semantic core into a brilliant and spectacular, striking with the depth of sense and extreme philosophy; the play which accommodates the present-day comprehension of Tatar people’s history and their custom, life and existing features, character and conceptions.

About work.

Ballet-masters from all over Russia are invited to stage dances in the dance theatre “Kazan”. The dances staged by the ballet-masters from the Academic choir named after Pyatnitskiy, the head ballet-masters of State groups “Krym”, “Abkhazia”, “Lezginka”are in the repertoire.

Orchestra of the national instruments consisting of 12 people is a part of the Dance Group “Kazan”. Artists of ballet and musicians are like-minded persons who clearly understand and supplement each other. At the same time orchestra is self-dependant and all-sufficient body, highly professional, with the huge potential and the most extensive repertoire (starting with Tatar, Russian, Jewish, Turkish national music through academic instrumental and vocal music of European, Russian and Tatar composers, who often specially compose music for the Dance Group).

Vocal accompaniment is also presented in the composition of the group. The vocal subtly and cautiously is used in dances to reproduce the dainty mood of performance.

The level of theatre dresses of the Group is also extremely high. They charm with lightness, colorful harmony, elegance and especial sensuality. The epic style is perceptible in genuine leather, brocade, silk and fur, and traditional national jewelry decorations; and at the same time the limits are observed that are necessary for scenic realization of the idea, serving the wish to explain to ourselves and the whole world our history and our today’s understanding of it achieved through suffering.

The Group gives performance on a tour through many Russian cities with customary success. Closely cooperating with the Executive committee of the World Tatars congress and representing the Republic of Tatarstan at the international scene, the collective is a frequent participant of meetings with countrymen at the different ends of the world.

The Group has given the performances in Malta, Taiwan, Spain, Tunisia, Turkey, Hungary, Germany and many other countries, met the enthusiastic reception of the thankful audience.