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Folk dance

Sewing workshop

We make the “stars” brighter!

The real celebrity can be allocated not only by the talent – nothing underlines the bright individuality of an actor better than the onstage suit. The suit should be unique, and to distinguish the celebrity from all others, meet the latest trends of the World’s fashion and to correspond to repertoire. Only then the actor becomes a celebrity. It is also the main task of sewing workshop of the National cultural centre “Kazan”.

We have been making suits for the state dancing collective “Kazan” for 10 years now. How each dance demands the choreographer, so the sketches of a suits need a hand of an artist. According to your wishes we can make the onstage dress under historical documents, the sketches stored in archives, we will offer sets of finishing materials and ornaments to these products. The fashion artist will help to embody any piece of imagination. The scene dictates the rules, and they have to be considered.

Only the expert will tell what colors and their combinations will “play” on a stage, will allocate with shades of soloists, without breaking thus all symmetry of the general color composition.

Making onstage costumes is the top class of sewing art. They are like the works of art, and also the performance of the actor which with each exit perfect its skills. Today in our suits dances of all countries and nationalities are performed, sing from scenes of theaters, act on a platform, chamber orchestras and musicians-populists perform music all around the world.

Швейная мастерская
Швейная мастерская
Швейная мастерская


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