Dance - is the form of art, where the artistic image is embodied through the music-organized movement. Features of the dance-art is that the content of any dance work is revealed through the plasticity of the human body. The system of training and education facilities of choreography is associated with the aesthetic category of beauty.

Professionalism on stage, the novelty of style and love for the art of dance - is the philosophy of choreography Studio School of the Dance Group «Kazan». We invite you to join us and become a disciple of choreographic Studio School of the Dance Group «Kazan»!

Choreographic studio school of the Dance group "KAZAN" – is the school of additional education in the field of choreography and aesthetic education. Created by the order of the Head of Administration of Kazan № 1661 of 18.10.2002, conducting the educational activities in the sphere of additional education on the basis of licenses from the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Tatarstan.

The main task of the choreographic school-studio is the development of professional choreographic art in Kazan, the extensive propaganda of peoples' of the world folk dances and achievements of modern choreography.

The basis of the school is the continuity of traditions, which provide direct transfer of dance techniques from teacher to students.

The training program tailored to the educational process in schools.

Name of academic disciplines:

  • Classical Dance
  • folk-stage dance
  • Historical dance
  • gymnastics (trainings)
  • Ensemble

As part of the courses, students learn the repertoire of the Ballet «Kazan», get acquainted with the best world ballet classical heritage. Throughout the training, students undergo the production and stage practice. All this knowledge and skills are shown in the annual final concert, at the end of each academic year. During the year, students regularly perform at the concert venues in the city of Kazan

In the preparatory group all comers (children from the age of 5) are accepted. Classes are held 3 times a week. Duration of sessions is 1 hour and 30 minutes. From the age of 11-12, according to the results of the annual examination the children are transferred to the main group.

The main group accepts children aged 12-13 years (with preparation). Classes are held 5 times a week. Duration of the lesson is for about 3 hours a day After graduating from studio-school, students have the advantage of being enrolled in Kazan (Volga) Federal University on a budgetary basis. (Link) The pupils of the preparatory groups pay 800 rubles per month. The training in the main groups is free of charge.

All teachers of school-studio are former and current soloists of "KAZAN" Dance group, the leading dancers of the best theaters and ensembles of the Republic of Tatarstan, who won the public acclaim. All teachers of school-studio have a great educational experience, honors and awards.

Our teachers:

Ismagilov, F. F. - Honored Artist of the Repyblic of Tatarstan, choreographer, teacher of subjects: classical dance, folk-stage dance and historical dance.

Gainetdin, D. M. - People's Artist of the Republic of Tatarstan, a teacher of character dance.

Zaripova, O. A. - Artist of the Ballet Opera House, named after M. Jalil, an educator on the subject of classical dance.

Gimaeva, G. F. - Ballet dancer, soloist of the "Kazan" Dance group, a teacher in the preparatory groups

Egorova, N. K. - Ballet dancer, soloist of the "Kazan" Dance group, a teacher in the preparatory groups

Ostrovsky, A. A. - Ballet dancer, soloist of the "Kazan" Dance group, educator of classical dance

Our advantages:

  • High professional level of the teaching staff
  • Formation of choreographic skills on the basis of professional ensemble
  • Cosy, friendly atmosphere
  • An individual approach to students
  • Competitive pricing for training
  • Convenient location in the center and Prospect Pobedy
  • Annual performance of the Studio School at the leading concert halls of Kazan with dance ensemble «Kazan»

The location of the studio-school: The Republic of Tatarstan, Kazan,

  • The National Cultural Center "Kazan", 86, Pushkin street, tel. 238 33 61
  • Cultural Center Chulpan, 48a, Prospect Pobedy, (behind the McDonald's) tel 261 70 62