Preliminary conditions of participation of Dancing Theatre “Kazan”

in tours and single performances.

1. The continuance of the program and cast may be formed according on the receiving side’s possibilities and wishes:

  • complete cast (35-40 persons): dancing troupe and orchestra (live music) plus a vocalist (1 person)
  • small cast (not less than 26 persons): dancers only.

The continuance of the program depends on the number of the cast

  • two-part performance (120 minutes)
  • one-part performance (60-90 minutes)

2. The receiving side must provide the Theatre’s cast with lodging: this may be hotels, campuses and hostels (it is possible to place not more than 4 persons in one room but the shower must be in each room separately).

3.The cost of the concert of Dancing Theatre “Kazan” depends on the country where the performance takes place, the number of performances and length of the tour.

4. Stage conditions:

  • Stage mirror: width – no less than 10 meters, depth – 10 meters and more
  • The orchestra is to be placed in the orchestra pit or in the upstage podium.
  • For the orchestra - 15 microphones, 1 microphone on a stand for the vocalist
  • The orchestra setting up and ballet rehearsal on stage is 4 hours before the concert.

5. Concert pavilion may be different: enclosed and open-air theatres, stadiums or squares (indispensable conditions are the followings: the stage must have non-slip covering, the stage must have been cleaned before the performance, the temperature must be no lower than 15 °C, also the separate changing rooms for men and women with mirrors, racks, chairs and ironing-board must be provided).